Gary Lafferty. #1 International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Expert Advisor and Mentor.

Gary Lafferty

#1 Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Industry Icon Advisor

Become The Most Respected and Sought-After 

Icon in Your Industry

Attract More Opportunities, More Clients and More Money

by growing your ...

Authority, Credibility and Exposure (A.C.E)

"It Is Not Difficult To Become The Icon In Your Industry Within The Next 12 Months...But You Will Have To Use The Correct Keys To Get You There"

  There are 4 Essential Keys you must carry out to get you from 'Known' in your Industry to the sought-after 'Industry Icon'...

My proven 'Iconization' framework shows you the exact path you need to take, step-by-step, to be seen, heard and respected as the Industry Icon in as little as 90 days.

Every Key Person of Influence in the world has one thing in common. They have an Authority-Based Platform.

From Tony Robins to Richard Branson…each one has the Essential 4 Keys in their professional platform dailed-in and nailed down.

It is no coincidence why they consistently attract stratospheric numbers of highly qualified and motivated clients, customers and team members who have all ‘pre-bought’ into their brand.

I advise executives and entrepreneurs how to turn chaos into clarity and build their brands and businesses from being just known in their industry, to dominating their niches as influencers and icons.  

Escape the red ocean or 'Sea of Sameness'. Have your ideal clients and partners seek you out instead of you continuously chasing prospects.