Gary Lafferty. #1 International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Expert Advisor and Mentor.

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For over two decades, Gary Lafferty has been educating, entertaining and helping entrepreneurs, authors, experts, speakers, consultants, and coaches build and grow their businesses.

Gary Lafferty is a 2 time No1 International Bestselling Author, World Class Speaker, Expert Strategist, and Wealth Authority. He is the creator of The Business Blueprint, the ACE Business Process, and the Average to EXPERT Marketing System. 

He is the CEO of Bee Free Limited, an well established International Personal Achievement training company. His products and programs simplify the process that coaches, consultants, authors, experts, and service providers follow to become the go-to person in their industry. He has taught, mentored, and helped over 100,000 people across 6 continents. 

His businesses and methods have produced over $50 million in revenue in professional services and courses over the last 10 years.

His unique style inspires, empowers and entertains audiences while giving them the tools and strategies they need and want to get seen, heard, build and grow successful sustainable brands and businesses.