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Jo Pancio,

CEO Consulting

“Gary is a world-class presenter. He is extremely passionate about his craft and always delivers a first class event. He understands how to teach so people learn quickly and enjoy the process. If you have the chance to work with him or learn from him I would grab it with both hands now!”

Emily Davies,

Marketing Consultant 

Completely Blew my Mind! Exceeded expectations. I am surprised they are giving away such quality information. I'd say I've seen these techniques used previously, but have never seen them broken down and given to you step by step. Big thanks, and I know now my workshops will deliver, for the participants, and for my business. Can't wait!!!

Karl Kracht,

Keynote Speaker

Gary always delivers so much information in his courses. I have taken several and always get great ideas from them. The resources he provides are priceless. I can tell his instructors really want to give value and they do just that. Great course.


Gary Lafferty

Gary is a 2-time #1 International Best Selling Author, World Class Speaker, and Global Expert Advisor.


Often referred to as 'The Expert's Mentor', he is the creator of several business programs and frameworks including, The Business Blueprint™, which shows entrepreneurs the 3 irrefutable ways to grow any business from scratch, as well as the ACE Business System™, a program that ensures that coaches, consultants, authors, experts, and professional service providers how to break away from the ‘sea-of-sameness’ in their ever increasing competitive market. 


He is the CEO of Bee Free Limited, an international personal achievement company. His products and programs simplify the process that Entrepreneurs have to do to become sought after and the go-to Authority in their industry. 


He has taught and mentored over 120,000 people across 6 continents. He has produced over $50 million in revenue in professional services and courses over the last 10 years alone.


Gary is a sought after Professional Expert Advisor and consults to some of the world's largest Personal Development and Training companies.


Profitable Speaking Mastery™ is his most popular program. It shows entrepreneurs and executives how to structure and monetize their message with confidence, so they have a practical framework they can call upon every day to gain more clients, profit and visibility... even if you have never spoken in public before!


Gary travels intensely as a world-class speaker, speaking on stages that he has shared with other international thought leaders such as Steve Wozniak, Nick Vujicic, Ari Galper, Greg Secker, Jordan Belfort, Andy Harrington, JT Fox, Pat Mesiti, David Cavanagh to name a few and world-class sports celebrities like the South African World Cup Captain Francois Pienaar.


When not traveling, London born and bred Gary splits his time between London, Breckenridge CO, and Florida. He has a son, a  daughter and shares a white English cream golden retriever named Oz.  Oh, and by the way, Gary is also a super keen 'no-cage' shark scuba diver!


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